Our Trademarks Group provides a wide range of services in connection with registration and protection of marks through correct use and registration in Israel and internationally. 

The Firm works with clients from their early stages, providing them with legal advice and assistance on the choice of tradenames, strategic planning and territorial and international registration, and the correct use of trademarks.

We performing domestic and international trademark searches for our Israeli and foreign clients, for the purpose of registering new marks or locating breaches, preparing legal opinions with respect to the suitability of a mark for use and registration, providing legal advice on the definitions contained in the application and handling the registration process vis-à-vis the Trademark Registry, and drafting commercial agreements involving trademarks and goodwill.

Our team of professionals have many years of experience protecting trademarks in Israel and internationally, and advising large Israeli and multinational companies, as well as startups, on trademark matters.

The Firm works with foreign colleagues in order to assure our clients’ trademarks in Israel and in other places receive optimal protection.

We also represent our clients in trademark litigation in all courts in Israel. 

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