Yigal Arnon & Co. represents a large array of clients in torts actions, including some of the largest commercial organizations in Israel, corporations, leading local and foreign insurers, and individuals. The firm has vast experience representing local and foreign insurers, both as plaintiffs and as defendants, in the courts and in arbitration, with regard to various issues:

  • Property damages – all possible scenarios, with a focus on technical damages and fire and water damages;
  • Physical injuries – all accident scenarios, with a focus on occupational accidents, electrocution, occupational diseases and road accidents;
  • Professional negligence – representation of directors and officers, lawyers and other professionals;
  • Environmental action – representation of manufacturers in claims against them for alleged disease resulting allegedly from environmental contamination;
  • Subrogation claims – representation of insurers in subrogation claims;
  • Monitoring services for local and foreign insurers;
  • Service as mediators and arbitrators.

The firm has acquired a special expertise with regard to electricity-related damages, including significant property damages and physical injuries, and resulting insurance claims. We have also gained much experience with damages arising from fire and water damages, and claims pursuant to the Compensation of Road Accident Victims Law. Thanks to our vast experience in torts, we were selected to represent some of the largest corporations in largescale environmental actions that are at the heart of the public debate, such as the Kishon River, Ramat Hovav and Mount Carmel fire disaster claims. The services offered by the firm include the following, and more:

  • Torts- and insurance-related litigation;
  • Management of cross-border insurance arbitration;
  • Management of largescale environmental claims;
  • Ongoing legal advice to corporations on insurance matters;
  • Ongoing legal advice to foreign insurers operating in Israel;
  • Representation of foreign insurers before Israeli courts and tribunals.


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