The firm has significant experience with issues related to the Israeli R&D Law and working with the Israel Innovation Authority ("IIA") (previously known as the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist), including the center for international cooperation in R&D in the industry (Matimop) and IIA-supported Technological Incubators.  Since many Israeli technology companies receive IIA funding and other governmental grants for research and development work, this expertise is highly valued by our clients.

  • Assisting Early-Stage Israeli entities with IIA Matters. We advise start-up companies on their IIA related matters, including providing guidance on the different programs available, filing requirements and special arrangements with the IIA. In particular, in light of our extensive experience in exit transactions, we advise start-ups about the likely implications of receiving IIA support on their future financing and exit transactions.
  • Assisting Mature Israeli Companies with IIA Matters. We advise mature companies, including Israeli subsidiaries of global technology giants, on their IIA related matters, including providing guidance on the different programs available particularly for multi-national companies, filing requirements and special arrangements with the IIA.
  • Advising Potential Investors and Acquirers.  We provide guidance to Israeli and non-Israeli investors and purchasers interested in investing or acquiring Israeli companies that had obtained IIA funding, including underwriters in public offerings. We are involved in all stages of the transaction, including due diligence on IIA related matters of the target, drafting of the agreements and applications to the IIA with respect to the treatment of the IIA supported know-how following closing. 
  • Technology Transfer.  We advise clients on the different issues related to transfer of IIA supported know-how, including drafting and negotiating different applications to the IIA for transfer of IIA supported know-how in Israel and outside of Israel, transfer of manufacturing rights and other special arrangements.
  • Complex IP Transactions.  We can negotiate and document complex transactions that involve know-how developed under IIA-funded programs and managing applications to and discussions with the IIA with respect to the various issues arising under the R&D Law.
  • Multinational Companies.  We provide guidance to multinational corporations, whether in connection with grants obtained by their Israeli subsidiaries, or with respect to participation in special multinational programs of the IIA.
  • Incubators.  We assist bidding groups and other applicants for operating incubators under the Incubators Program of the IIA, both during the tender process and after the incorporation of the incubator.

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