The firm counsels companies in various stages, ranging from companies under formation to mature multinationals, helping them to draft, adopt and implement compensation and incentive plans according to their different and evolving needs. The firm is well-experienced with all the aspects of drafting and implementation of employee incentive plans, including options plans and equity-based bonuses. Our expertise in corporate and securities law and in tax and labor law, help us define the optimal incentive mix for employees of local and multinational companies. In the latter case, we sometimes use our good connections with leading law firms in other jurisdictions and work together with them to provide multinational clients with the optimal package. We advise on matters such as hiring, severance, termination and other labor issues, including in the context of public offerings, M&As, joint ventures, internal restructuring and spinoffs. The firm recognizes the necessity for a balance between a successful employee incentive plan that allows employees to grow at the workplace, and the flexibility that is required in order to manage a profitable and successful business. We therefore offer clients advice that is tailored to their needs, taking into account different elements such as the client’s size, business sector, goals and policy.


The firm specializes in all labor-related litigation, representing employers in the full range of employee claims. We handle protective labor law issues, complex disputes between employees and former employees, labor law class actions, mediations and arbitrations and motions for interim injunctions restricting employment or severance. We represent our clients before all relevant tribunals in various proceedings, such as permit applications (permit to dismiss employees who belong to a protected population segment; special work permits), appeals, etc.  The firm assists clients in compliance inspections of the Ministry of Economy, and offers ongoing compliance advice, such as with regard to the Law for Enhanced Enforcement of Labor Law. Our unparalleled class action skills also come into play in the Labor Court, where we represent clients in labor rights class actions.

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