Yigal Arnon & Co.'s Copyrights, Entertainment and Media Group provides legal services covering a wide variety of legal issues related to the media and entertainment industries, including music; publishing; TV and radio; cinema; multimedia and new media (e.g. Internet and mobile).  Such representation covers websites, music and literature publishers, record labels and production companies, companies that provide new media content, advertising agencies, public relations agencies, booking service companies, as well as artists, photographers, producers and others.

Yigal Arnon & Co. regularly assists clients in negotiating production agreements, distribution agreements, licensing agreements with copyright collectives, publishing agreements, writers' agreements, licensing of works to be used in advertising, broadcast and public performance agreements, and other contracts in this field. In addition, we advise our clients on matters of copyright law, and provide ongoing legal services to broadcasters (such as TV channels), including representation before the regulators. The firm has also developed expertise in managing complex litigation in copyright and performance claims, and has been involved in some of the largest cases in the country in these areas.

Our special expertise in the field of copyright and performers' rights, including:

  • Representation of artists in negotiations, contractual negotiations and procuring copyright licenses;
  • Representation of entrepreneurs and startups for the purpose of procuring licenses for musical works from copyright collectives;
  • Representation in contractual negotiations between artists (such as writers, singers, actors) and producers, managers, directors  etc.;
  • Representation in contractual negotiations relating to various uses of copyrighted materials in various art works (including production agreements, broadcast agreements, distribution agreements, talent agreements, management and publishing agreements, agreements for use of content in new media, etc.);
  • Consulting and legal advice in the field of copyrights and performances;
  • Consulting and legal representation in licensing procedures, proceedings before the Antitrust Authority and in legislative processes;
  • Management of complex litigations related to copyrights and performances; and the firm was involved in the largest cases in the country in these areas.


The firm also developed expertise in the field of broadcasting rights and provides advice and ongoing legal services to broadcasters (such as TV channels) including representation before regulators, obtaining broadcasting licenses, and ongoing consultation, including with regard to copyrights.

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