Choosing an Internship – choosing a path

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Choosing an Internship – choosing a path

It is important that you feel that you are in the right place. A place that is right  for you. A place which is giving, challenging, inspiring and mostly sees who you are and who you can beWe believe in the organic growth of our firm. Most of our attorneys and partners started out as interns at the firm, and in the last couple of years, more than half of our interns, came back as attorneys to the firm.  In order for our firm to keep growing organically, we make sure to recruit candidates that will best suit the character and culture of the firm and make a significant contribution to our growth and development process. A candidate's professional ability is the basis for acceptance as an intern to our firm; however, personal qualities are no less important.

We look for those who possess:

Passion for law and its intersection with business
Curiosity and enthusiasm
Drive to learn and accomplish
Integrity and kindness



Our Internship

Our interns get to work in a highly professional firm which encourages a pleasant, friendly and compassionate work environment. We are committed to training our interns thoroughly and profoundly as part of our perception that each intern is an inseparable part of our firm, and our future generation. In order to implement this vision, each intern is integrated as part of the team, as becomes involved in ongoing matters and even the first steps of a deal. The interns take part in internal decision making process, meetings with clients, deal negotiations, court appearances and drafting agreements and judicial documents.


Personal Initiation Program

In order for the beginning of the internship to be as pleasant and gradual as possible, we developed a personal initiation program. As part of the program, each intern is assigned a mentoring attorney who guides the intern  in every personal and professional aspect during the internship, so there is always someone to talk and consult with.

Professional Enrichment

We believe that in order to become a great attorney, one needs to expand one's horizons and to deepen knowledge in a variety of fields. Our intern guidance program is conducted by our attorneys and includes educational sessions in numerous aspects of our practice areas. The program enriches our intern's professional scope and adds value to the knowledge and skills  acquired during the daily ongoing matters.

Working Conditions to Interns

The conditions that are offered in our firm are among the best offered at the top leading firms in the country. The working conditions include, among other things, spacious offices, parking arrangements, full funding of the bar exam preparation course and a bonus grant to interns who are returning as attorneys to the firm. Moreover, our interns are an integral part of the firm's human capital and therefore take part in all the social activities including departmental activities, intern activities and of course the firm's annual trip either abroad or in Israel.

Internship Method

Tel Aviv | Departmental Pool

Interns are assigned to the following departments: real estate, international, tax, litigation, Commercial and antitrust. In each of the departments, the interns work in a "pool" with all the partners and attorneys of such department. This method helps the interns take an active role in a variety of legal practices and to gain valuable experience within the department's areas of expertise. In addition, this system enables the interns to become familiar with different working styles as they form their own professional identity.

Jerusalem | Office Pool

The interns in Jerusalem work in a "pool" method with all of the partners and attorneys from the different departments, focusing on litigation, real estate and commercial law. The international department has a dedicated team of interns that is separate from this pool.


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