The firm has a rich experience in the field of planning and construction, and eminent domain (also known as expropriation or compulsory purchase). We assist our clients throughout the process of complex planning and building procedures, help them comprise and gain approval for city plans, zoning designations, permit procedures and obtaining building permits, objections and appeals, etc. Our Planning and Construction group and our Real Estate group work together closely. The Planning and Construction group supports real estate transactions in all planning and building aspects, including all necessary preliminary enquiries as to the planning status of the property. The firm’s litigation practice has extensive experience in this field, including representation before the various planning bodies (local, regional and national building and planning committees), appellant committees and courts of all instances, including the High Court of Justice and the Administrative Court. Our firm was also involved in a long line of damage to real estate suits (pursuant to Article 197 of the Planning and Building Law), improvement levy proceedings, levy proceedings and representation in planning and building violations. In the world of eminent domain, the firm represents local authorities exercising this power in order to build some of the largest and most crucial transportation projects in the country. The firm also represents land owners in their objections to such processes and in related compensation claims, both in the courts and before land assessors who are to fix the applicable value, and including all relevant negotiations. We specialize in the laws contemplating accessibility for people with disabilities, and provide legal services in this context as well, including consultation and representation in legal proceedings.


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