Yigal Arnon & Co. has been providing expert and pragmatic advice to individual clients and their families ever since the firm was first founded, 60 years ago. Our clients, who include some of Israel's most prominent families and individuals, benefit from professional, timely, practical and commercial services all based on years of experience, in-depth understanding, up-to-date knowledge and discretion. Our Practice is adept in bringing together the strength of our first class lawyers in tax, property, trust and estate, family, IP, corporate and litigation, enabling to cater for every potential aspect of our clients' needs and requirements.

Families and Businesses

Many of our clients are self-made women and men who run their own businesses, and are naturally concerned with the transfer of their life time ventures to their children in a smooth and proper manner, avoiding bad blood, misunderstandings and fallouts. Our expertise in advising families and family businesses lays in the tailoring of efficient corporate and long-term family arrangement to help achieve and maintain a successful hand over of the family business to the next generation and generations to follow. Such arrangements may involve the restructuring of the corporate bylaws, reviewing and amendment of employment agreements, insurance issues, etc. alongside preparation of wills, prenuptial and matrimonial agreements, family trusts and foundations and other specific devices.

Trusts and Estate Planning

We advise on different aspects of succession, gifts and trusts, and review and prepare tax-efficient wills for Israel-based individuals who own property worldwide and International clients who own assets in Israel to ensure they meet the needs of the family and the family business as they develop. Our team offers our clients a swift and effective will-drafting process as well as probate services and advice on incapacity and guardianship.

Family Law

Our Practice provides clear and pragmatic advice to wealthy individuals on all aspects of family law including the financial aspects of relationship breakdown and complex cases involving children. We do not just offer service for the full range of issues clients face during separation or divorce in a wide variety of litigation issues; we also maintain a holistic perspective and consider both personal and business lives including corporate and commercial advice. Prenuptial and Matrimonial Agreements are increasingly being regarded as a way to protect and safeguard the family business and the family assets from the financial fallout following the dissolution of marriage.


Taxation in all its forms is an important consideration in the design of the overall family arrangement. All family and business arrangements are devised following a review by our experienced and highly-regarded tax team. The tax team identifies the family and the business objectives and assists in finding ways to reduce any long term tax liability through different stages of life. Our tax team can also provide long term tax planning advice on changes of fiscal residence cases, tax treaty interpretation and application and the taxation and reporting of foreign-sourced income and assets (including foreign bank accounts).


There’s a growing awareness in Israel of how philanthropy can drive social change. Nevertheless, the rules governing NGOs and charitable deductions in Israel may sometime seem limiting, confusing and cumbersome. We serve as legal advisors to many foundations, covering all relevant legal aspects using our cross-departmental expertise to advice on all aspects of the law enabling charities and not for profit organizations to operate more effectively and commercially in pursuit of their objectives.

Immigration and Aliyah

We provide Jewish and non-Jewish clients and families with efficient visa services with the relevant authorities supplemented by commercial and tax advice.

International Surrogacy and Family Formation

We provide legal advice and assistance with surrogacy procedures in the US as well as matters relating to citizenship issues arising upon the return to Israel.


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