Yigal Arnon & co. is very active in the field of education law, representing and assisting a wide range of educational institutes and organizations with issues including:

  • administration and operation of educational institutions;
  • licensing and recognition by the Israeli government;
  • governmental budgeting and funding, and charities;
  • staff, personnel, employees and service providers; students, including school discipline;
  • properties and assets, including allocation of land by local municipalities;
  • representation vis-à-vis the Israeli Ministry of Education, as well as in various judicial proceedings (administrative courts, the High Court of Justice, and various appeal committees);
  • Tax-related aspects and matters, such as in the area of the tax exempt status of non-profit organizations (income tax, real estate taxation, VAT), including eligibility for particular exemptions, tax credits for donors, business income issues, etc.;
  • On-going matters, such as tenders, contracts, legal proceedings, and so on.

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