Representation of clients in class actions requires knowledge of substantive law and thorough command of the special class-action procedural platform. Our experience in this special form of litigation is, to our knowledge, unparalleled in Israel. Yigal Arnon & Co. was one of the first large firms in Israel to handle class actions in the 1990s, when this field was still budding and new. With our unequaled experience, we are the natural choice for local and multinational class-action clients. To date, we have represented defendants in hundreds of class actions across multiple business areas, including consumer protection, advertising, insurance, banking, product liability, labor law, antitrust, telecommunication, aviation, environmental protection, education, internet law and more. To our knowledge, we have handled more class actions than any other firm in the country. Thanks to our experience and status, we are the firm of choice for industry leaders from various sectors for their defense in class actions. Our reputation in this field of practice is unquestioned among companies that, because of the nature of their business, are more exposed to class actions, among other firms that handle class actions, and with the Courts. The clients we represent are local and multinational companies in their respective business areas, including banks, insurance companies, telecommunication companies, real estate companies, hi-tech companies, consumer goods companies, food manufacturers, infrastructure companies, local authorities and other public entities, education institutes, etc. 


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